Mahi Toi

Art Work

stirling falls, blue waterfall, FiordlandSomewhere down the road, walking in the darkness, I concluded that all art originates in the heart of its creator. Somewhere down the road, in the night, I decided that all authentic art is the concrete expression of the soul of its maker. Anything else is Illustration. That gave me hope and strength. When I realised that my mahi (work) was the ongoing expression of who I was/am, it gave me direction. You see, what is here is not how you see the world. My art work is how I see the world. It is the outward expression of my inner journey, which what I have to offer you, e te whānau, my family.

Engari (therefore), I offer them to you as an expression of who I am and what I  see. If the work speaks to you, then you may wish to join my hikoi wairua (soul journey) and keep one of the marker posts.

If you would like one of my works, please email me at  [email protected]

You will find a sample gallery of my work below and an offsite link to my archive, but any of the prints you can see in my galleries are only available to order as fine art limited edition prints. If you would like to be the sole owner of one of my works, then please make contact.

I make the prints on high-quality fine art paper, printed on a 12-ink pigment Canon printer, which ensures the best possible expression of my artistic intention, and the highest print longevity possible today. I might add that I hand-print them myself.

My Limited edition series have a set number of 5 prints.

After a particular limited edition is sold out, the image will not be printed again. Ever. So you will be one of 5 owners of the work.

All limited edition prints I provide are numbered, titled, dated and hand-signed by me. Each of my works comes with a certificate of authenticity.

To order your prints directly from me, please choose the images from my gallery and send me an email with the link to the works you want to order and the print details – size(s), quantity – at [email protected]

All prices for limited edition works include freight (tubed) to anywhere on Papatūānuku/Mother Earth. Shipped flat will cost a little more. Please talk to me if you would prefer this method.