Karakia Prayer

He Karakia Timatanga

Whakataka te hau ki te uru,
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga.
Kia mākinakina ki uta,
Kia mātaratara ki tai.
E hī ake ana te atākura he tio,
he huka, he hauhu.
Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e!

Opening Prayer

Get ready for the westerly
and be prepared for the southerly.
It will be icy cold inland,
and icy cold on the shore.
May the dawn rise red-tipped on ice,
on snow, on frost.
Join! Gather! Intertwine!

Our lives are the canvas we draw upon.

Art Work

I thought about purchasing some of Tony’s art because I truly admired his work and it would present a constant reminder of this amazing land, it’s nature and the trip we had shared but I hesitated. Several months later, I did however purchase his art and I have to say, the quality of his print production takes his digital work to another level. If you love his images, do yourself a favor and purchase a print. There is detail that goes beyond what you see in digital form.

~John T

New York

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